Moveable Climbing Wall in Goa

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Moveable Climbing Wall

Indoor Moveable Climbing Wall ( IMCW -01 )

Color Multi Colors
Material Fiber Coated
Application Climbing
Age Group 5 - 12 Years
Brand Adventure Rocks
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Moveable Climbing Wall Manufacturers in Goa

Moveable Climbing Wall in Goa

With years of service in providing moveable climbing walls, we have extended our hard-work and efficiency in making reliable equipment. Our moveable climbing wall come for children to perform climbing safely. Our guides are available who ensure the safety and right moveable climbing wall installation in Goa.

Adventurous and fun

Our moveable climbing wall come with multi-color and have different sizes that can be customized as per the requirements. These moveable walls are fiber-coated and best for adventure climbing. We assure that the kids enjoy climbing moveable walls with full strength and stamina.



Our moveable climbing wall is best-designed following the safety standards. The capacity of people allowed for climbing is what we customize depending on your requirements. We come along for a safe moveable set up in Goafor ensuring kids do not miss out on the fun. So, check now the list of our fun equipment that you can install for creating a fun park.

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